Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Session #32: Eastern Beers Roundup

The Session # 32 is now officially over. So time to sum up your Eastern findings. But before I do that I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in this session. It was my first Session in many ways. First time participant, first time host.
Since I live far away form most of the usual Session participants I thought that Eastern beers would be a good opportunity to look for beer outside of our local area. Let's see what we found:
  • Russ from TwinBeer suggests a Saint Botolph's Town with its intriguing flavor of coffee, cocoa and little smoke or rather picks a Swedish beer - Nils Oscar's Rökporter.
  • Jesse form York Beer Blog takes us to Czech Republic not for a well know Pilsner or Budweiser but for Norbert's Dark brewed in Strahov Monastery. And yes, the monastery looks amazing in the sun.
  • A Mzungo called Derrick from Bay Area Beer Runner proves that US and Europe are not the only places to find beer. Kenya is his running and drinking choice for the Friday.
  • Baird Beer’s Angry Brown Boy is an well-justified choice of Mario form Brewed for Thought. This Japanese (the name doesn't say that, does it) beer fits perfectly in my expectation of Eastern Beer. So far East, that it ended up being Western. Your Haiku rocks.
  • Scotland was the next choice. This time by The Beer Nut who picked two beers: Red MacGregor and Glencoe.
  • I was expecting Belgium and I was right. Thanks to Devoid form Beer Tasters. First beer in this Session that I have tried. Good pick.
  • With a big ocean to his East, Dean from Eat, Drink, Run, Live picks New Zeland beers among which the favorite is Macs Gold. Cool choice cause I really love hobbits. Also I learned that Kiwi is a national symbol of NZ.
  • Austrian wheat beer is another interesting choice. This one madey by Andrew from I'll Have a Beer makes me wonder if I can get it here in Poland. Austria is pretty close after all.
  • Una cerveza por favor says Jay from Brookston Beer Bulletin when chosing Inedit a Spanish beer made in Barcelona. First time I hear of a food beer. Mucho gusto.
  • Biere de garde style defines Eastern Beers for Jon from The Brew Site. Thanks to him we discover that France has some interesing beer offering. I tend to forget. Wine closes my eyes.
  • Peter from BetterBeerBlog presents Hitachino Nest and Eikoku-Koshu 2002. Tw0 Japanese beers (so far East as in Mario's case), that desapoint (the firs) and come through (the second).
  • Kvasnicove beers and more precisely lagers can be found in Czech Republic. Beers Sagas shows which ones are interesting as he is now in Prague. Look for Svijany kvasnicove, Policka brewery and Budvar.
  • Asia is a rather popular destination in this Session. Thailand beer called Singha was picked by Juan form Juan's Home Brewery. I'm interesed in his opinion cause I might review this beer in Season 3.
  • Captain Hops from Beer Haiku Daily took the advice of Alan from A Good Beer Blog and ended up in Italy, at least tehoriticaly.
  • Alan on the other hand didn't use his own advice and decided to talk about American beers. The good beer of the USA changed his life.
  • US beers is sort of followed by Canadian ones. At least in this roundup as Heath from Bottles of Barley picks Trois Pistoles, a dark Belgian-style ale.
  • Lew from Seen Through a Glass adds the second country to Iberian peninsula. Portuguese cervejas are as common as wine.
  • Thailand, Italy and maybe Syberia (just joking) are Amy's (from Amy Mittelman Brewing Battles Blog) picks.
  • Finally we get to a first timer in the Session business (much like me). Jim from Two Parts Rye picks Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale and officially making Japanese beers the most Eastern beers in the world.
If you are wondering what was my country and beer of choice go here. If I missed any contribution please contact me via email (girllikesbeer on Gmail) or on Twitter (

I am very happy that I could host the Session #32 and I want to thank all the participants once again. Good job everyone! Cheers!

If you want to participate in the next Session go to I'll Have a Beer blog where Andrew explains in the announcement where the art of framing begins.

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