Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Beer Name generator

So you picked your favorite pub name. How about choosing the coolest beer name out there. Beer name generator can do the trick. I like this one: Efird Beer Inc. Dirty Poop - Japanese Rice Lager. Share your beer names in the comments.

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English Pub Name generator

If you ever wondered how you could name an English pub if you decided to open one, stop. Molly from My Beer Pix created this cool Pub Name Generator. Go check it out right away!

Here's a list of cool names that I got:

  • The Panther & Flag
  • The Tenrec & Indian
  • The Jaguar & Crop
  • The Mynah & Ferry

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Girl Likes Beer podcast intro

Just made this short intro for the podcast. Tell me guys what you think. I am making this with so not a lot that I can change. Here's a few things that I do control:

  • music
  • number of videos (and which I use of course)
  • number of pictures (same as with videos)
  • text
  • order (more or less)

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Friday, 12 February 2010

Beer and augmented reality

Tomorrow marks the day of New Years in Chinese calendar. The upcoming year is the year of the Tiger. For this event the Tiger beer (reviewed by me in Copenhagen) has prepared an augmented reality iPhone app which directs users to the best restaurants in eight UK cities or so.

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Girl Likes Beer loves you all!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Kaliber beer

If you drink beer for the percentage, here's a brand for you. Packaging is awesome. Had this beer been available I wouldn't get the non-alcohol ones:)



Product and label design for Kaliber Beer and Åbro Breweries Sweden.
Client: Åbro Bryggeri Sweden
Design by: MPS, Morris Pinewood Stockholm
Art Director: Mattias Frodlund


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Beer flavoured lip gloss

Crazy as it may sound or seem Heineken has just released a beer flavoured lip gloss. What do you think? Guys? Girls?

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Beer package

As promised on Friday I am posting a special video regarding some beer package I received last week. It sort of is a season 4 trailer. I didn't plan to make one but it was out of my hands;)

PS. Thank you CHAD!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Lindemans (#72) and Mort Subite (#73)

A lambic/gueuze fest to finish off season 3. How about that!

I want to thank you guys and gals for watching the podcast. Your interest and support means the world to me.

See you in season 4.


Now to the lambics. One old and one new. Double meaning there:) You'll see why. Enjoy!

The video is also available on YouTube.



  • brewery: Lindemans brewery, Belgium
  • type of beer: lambic (gueuze)
  • bought in: a supermarket in Warsaw
  • container grade (bottle): standard small size


  • the looks: head (not to big), body (dark blended orange)
  • the taste: very sour but sweet at the same time (raspberry, cherries)
  • the smell: Nesher Malt feel but less soda like


Mort Subite


  • brewery: Alken Maes brewery, Belgium
  • type of beer: lambic (gueuze)
  • bought in: gift from Marcin
  • container grade (bottle): is it beer or is it champagne


  • the looks: head (thick but airy), body (dark orange)
  • the taste: also sour, with bigger cherry
  • the smell: champagne feel, sparkles with light alcohol and cherry component
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