Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Zlaty Bazant (#1)

OK, so here we go. We start with a beer called Zlaty Bazant (which means Golden Pheasant).


  • brewery: Slovak brewery from Hurbanovo established in 1969 (bought in 1995 by Heineken)
  • type of beer: pale beer, a Pilsner-type lager
  • bought in: a shop in a village outside of Prague
  • container grade (bottle): nice


  • the looks: head (not so big and rather white), body (clear and sparkling)
  • the smell: I'd say it's quite hoppy
  • the taste: first sip reveals a rather moderate bitter taste but the rest of a beer is bitter-sweet mix.


I'll have another one.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Back from my first beer trip

The title is a little exaggerated. I did go on a trip. I did by a load of different beers. However when I planned this voyage I didn't have beers in mind. The idea of starting this beer rating blog occurred to me few days later. So I just used this trip as an opportunity to buy some foreign beer. I got around 8 beers (from Czech, Austria and Hungary). And I also tried three beers (one Slovak, two Czech) during the trip. I know, I know, I should have probably tried more but to my defense I'll just say that conditions for trying them were not ideal. And as I will soon explain to really appreciate a beer (and eventually rate it) your surrounding become quite crucial.

I am kind of busy during the next two weekends so I am not sure when the first review will appear. Hope to make one mid-May at the latest.