Thursday, 5 June 2008

Staropramen (#2)

I know, I know... long time no see... I explained on Twitter... So enough said. I come back to you with another beer. This time we're dealing with Staropramen (means "old spring"). So let's take a first sip. Oh, by the way I found my testing beer glass. It was quietly waiting for me in a small shop in Porto...


  • brewery: Czech brewery from Prague (Smichov district) founded in 1869 (now owned by InBev)
  • type of beer: a premium lager
  • bought in: a shop in a village outside of Prague
  • container grade (bottle): nice


  • the looks: head (semi sized fast disappearing with a snow-like color), body (clear and gold)
  • the taste: first sip is kind of sweet-bitter, and the rest I think is more of a light sweet one
  • the smell: a little yeasty I guess


I'll have another one and another one...

PS. And this is my mug...