Sunday, 27 April 2008

So let's open a beer

OK, we now can really start by opening a beer (or few beers). How do we do it? With a beer opener... Well, that's how I do it (unless it's a twist-off). But something tells me there are much more different ways to crack a beer open. Watch the video below (outch to the last one, it hurts even lookin at it).

Beer in foreign languages

Well, to start off this blog I was thinking about creating a list of foreign words for beer...Eventually they will be placed in the menu unless I hit more than a 50 and the list becomes a burden.

So, let's see, first translations that come to my head:
  1. piwo (polish)
  2. bière (french)
  3. cerveza (spanish)
  4. das Bier (german)
  5. birra (italian)
  6. cerveja (portuguese)
  7. Øl (danish)
  8. olut (finnish)
  9. Пиво (russian)
  10. sör (hungarian)