Friday, 11 December 2009

Harboe Classic Jubileum 110 (#61)

For my last beer in Copenhagen I've chosen an anniversary beer from Harboe brewery. They make a bunch of different beers with different labels which are changed quite often to tell you the truth.
One latest brand is particularly interesting. I didn't see in stores so I cannot tell you how it tastes but the idea behind the beer is very up-to-date, at least environment wise.

Coming back to Harboe Classic 110. Let's see the review, shall we.

The review is also available on YouTube.


  • brewery: Harboe Bryggeri, Denmark
  • type of beer: lager
  • bought in: a store in Copenhagen
  • container grade (bottle): standard with sort of fancy label


  • the looks: head (fat white), body (light yellow)
  • the taste: slightly hoppy and airy (might be to bitter for some)
  • the smell: smell less


And this concludes Copenhagen episodes.

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