Friday, 27 November 2009

Black Magic Woman (#59)

As announced last week I went to Copenhagen. A lovely city where more people ride bikes than drive cars. It's amazing. However, it's not the bikes that I am interested in. I wanted to try some Danish beers. So before taking the trip I asked Jan Johansen to give me some tips on where to find good Danish beer. He prepared a very long list of Danish beers that I might like.

I ended up going to a very cool beer store called Barley Wine. I talked with the owner - Jan Filipe - and he agreed to shoot an episode of Girl Likes Beer podcast in his store. We tried a very nice Danish stout - Black Magic Woman.

The video is also available on YouTube.


  • brewery: Hornbeer, Danmark
  • type of beer: stout
  • bought in: not bought, offered by Jan Filipe
  • container grade (bottle): awesome label, made by the beer maker's wife


  • the looks: head (very dark), body (black as a night)
  • the taste: strong coffee bitterness
  • the smell: heavy


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