Friday, 30 October 2009

Soproni (#53)

If you ever wondered how I get my beers the answer is "It depends". Often I buy them myself, sometimes I get them from my friends (my dearest sponsors to date). That is why today Girl Likes Beer podcast is sponsored by Bookie who brought a Hungarian lager so I could add it to the podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode, it's pretty funny. You'll see why.

The video is also available on YouTube.


  • brewery: Heineken Hungaria, Hungary
  • type of beer: lager
  • bought in: a supermarket in Budapest, by Bookie
  • container grade (can): standard one 


  • the looks: head (momentary), body (gold yellow)
  • the taste: slight waterness and slight bitterness towards the end
  • the smell: fizzy not hoppy



  1. I love your blog :) Great idea you have there, and yeah, I like beer too!

  2. @sena Glad you like it. I looked at your blog. You're now living in Poland. Cool. Are studying here?