Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gambrinus Svetly (#14)

Believe it or not but this is a fourth review this month. They weren't exactly weekly. Although on average they sure were. I hope I can make this a standard for the upcoming months.

So let's get to it. Today we have a Czech beer called Gambrinus which means that there are only two more beer left in the First Beer Trip batch.

Oh, and I am going forward with video review. So just hit play.

Gambrinus Svetly review from Gril Likes Beer on Vimeo.


  • brewery: Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery
  • type of beer: pale lager
  • bought in: @ grocery outside of Prague
  • container grade (bottle): standard bottle 


  • the looks: head (nice, big and solid), body (golden)
  • the taste: hoppy and very bitter
  • the smell: hoppy


Whatever I guess

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