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Why Do Men Drink Beer

Why Do Men Drink Beer?

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Why Do Men Drink Beer?

Why are men drawn to beer?
Have you ever noticed that when men party beer is the first to get an invitation? Have you ever seen a man with a pink drink with a salty rim and an umbrella and thought that was just unnatural? Throughout history scientists, medical doctors, and world governments have thought about these same things. The only problem is they have been as clueless as the rest why men are attracted to beer. Well, here is some great news! The graphic above finally has answers to the age-old question why men drink beer.

Is there a connection between men’s brains and beer?
The human brain is composed of six main hemispheres. These hemispheres correspond to different interests and behaviors people have. In men’s cases, the large frontal lobe is home to their interest in beer and motivates them to find it. Essentially, it is the ‘I love beer’ lobe.

Does TV make men drink more?
Men are drawn to televisions. As a result of this close relationship between man and machine, men gather 57% of their knowledge from what they see on TV. Well, lo and behold, a staggering 50% of the information which men take in from the television comes from beer ads.

Why do men like beer with meat?
It is not simply that men are thirsty with every steak dinner or barbecue which comes their way. An amazing quality of beer is that it makes meat tastier -- 20% more flavorful in fact.

Do drinking games impact men drinking beer?
Men and competition go hand-in-hand. Make beer part of the competition and drinking games become a contributing factor. After all, the man-sport beer pong cannot be played without beer.

Are there health benefits for men drinking beer?
Every man wants to be a macho man, and beer can help him on his way to becoming one. Drinking beer, like spinach to Popeye, can increase men’s muscle mass by a huge 75%.

Can beer help men block out unwanted noise?
With a little creativity and a lot of stretching, beer bottles can be used as ear plugs. Note: especially effective against nagging wives and girlfriends.

Does beer affect the way men see?
Though it is sometimes called being impaired, drinking extra beer endows men with ESP, extra-sensory perception, otherwise known as ‘beer goggles.’ It is known for making women appear hotter than they are.

Is there an economical reason to drink beer?
Compared to mixed drinks and whole meals, beer is an affordable alternative on a tight budget.

Is drinking beer a manly thing to do?
Drinking beer is very manly, considering the alternatives! Men would not even consider ordering ‘Froo froo drinks’ with bright colors and little umbrellas, and all the other girly substitutes for beer. Men love beer because real men drink beer.

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