Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A really vintage beer

How old a beer should be so that you can call it a vintage beer? Well, try 9000 years. Can't get more vintage I guess.

According to Scientific American such a beverage will be available in US this summer. It is called Chateau Jiahu or Stone Age beer (as Discover likes to call it). Made on the base of the probably oldest recipe in the world this is an interesting beverage. It's a blend of rice, honey and fruits which apparently made some Chinese really happy. At least 9000 years ago.

The brewery behind this beer is Dogfish brewery which if I understand correctly has some interest in old beer recipes. This summer they are also launching a beer called Sah'tea based on a IX century recipe from Finland.

South America is another location where old beverage recipes can be found. Theobroma is a cocoa-brew made in Honduras 3000 years ago. To obtain the recipe the Dogfish brewery analyzed old pottery fragments from the Cradle of Chocolate.
If you want to know how it tastes go to The Beer Babe blog where you will find a short review of this "beer".

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