Friday, 10 July 2009

Maccabee (#41)

Today I review another Israeli beer. This one is called Maccabee and is also made by the Tempa Beer Industries. Also as Goldstar, I mean.

Let's look at the review, shall we...

The review is also available on Youtube and


  • brewery: Tempo Beer Industries, Israel
  • type of beer: pale lager
  • bought in: supermarket in Jerusalem
  • container grade (can): not much to say here 


  • the looks: head (small and white), body (light golden with sparkles)
  • the taste: light beer taste, easy on hops and bitterness
  • the smell: light hoppy aroma covered with enormous airy layer


I forgot to rate the beer on the video... Probably not the first and not the last time.

I'll have another one but maybe not right away...

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