Friday, 8 May 2009

La Divine (#31)

This week I try a Belgian tripel beer called La Divine. Strong in alcohol volume. The type/name of beer comes from the brewing process. Tripel beers are made with 3x more malt than normal beers. Intrigued? Watch the review.

Let's look at the review, shall we...

La Divine from Girl Likes Beer on Vimeo.


  • brewery: Brasserie de Silly, Belgium
  • type of beer: tripel
  • bought in: brought by a friend from Brussels
  • container grade (bottle): normal and standard 


  • the looks: head (small, light), body (thick amber color)
  • the taste: strong honey mixed with malt
  • the smell: not hoppy at all but not as malty as one might think


Whatever I guess...

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