Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Beer goggles not true?

As you probably remember last week on "I like Beer Ads" I recalled a cool Tuborg ad known as "Beer Goggles". This week I have learned that this effect associated with beer is apparently untrue. And this has been tested by scientist. They cannot be wrong, right.

The research has shown that alcohol makes men see women as less attractive. So totally opposite as the famous "beer goggles" concept.

The scientists asked several men and women (half sober, half slightly drunk) in pubs to comment on pictures of other men and women. Surprisingly the results were as follows. Alcohol has a different effect on men and on women. Women lost the ability to guess the age of the photo models. Also the results indicated that after alcohol men seem to perceive women as less attractive.

You can find out more here.

So guys and girls, what do you think. Maybe have a beer. And save the economy!

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