Friday, 17 April 2009

Utenos Porter (#28)

First porter beer on Girl Likes Beer. And not a regular one I must say. I've chosen (or maybe it chose me) a Baltic porter, known for it's higher alcohol input. The beer mentioned is a Utenos Porter, brewed in Lithuania. Will Girl Likes Beer enjoy a porter or not?

Let's look at the review, shall we...

Utenos from Girl Likes Beer on Vimeo.


  • brewery: Utenos Alus, Lithuania
  • type of beer: baltic porter
  • bought in: @ supermarket in Warsaw
  • container grade (bottle): not ordinary which is already really good 


  • the looks: head (dark and not creamy), body (dark caramel)
  • the taste: first surprisingly bitter, then full malty-sweet
  • the smell: honey with caramel if that's possible


I'll have another one but maybe not right away...


  1. you sound like a man, hehe

  2. Maybe sometimes:) Not sure how to change it though;)