Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Zlatopramen amber (#22)

Since I am still rethinking the video reviews I though to myself. Is there a better way to do it than over a mug (turned out to be a glass, after all) of beer. So in the meantime please enjoy a small guerrilla tasting. I am returning in a way to the early reviews (namely the second, about Staropramen beer). Yesterday I tried Zlatopramen (meaning "gold spring"). To stay up to date with new reviews follow me on Twitter. It's twitter.com/girllikesbeer.


  • brewery: Drinks Union, since 1867
  • type of beer: dark lager
  • bought in: @ bistro "Przegry┼║" in Warsaw
  • container grade (bottle): a nice dark bottle 


  • the looks: head (forgot to note and it disappeared), body (dark amber)
  • the taste: malty caramel like
  • the smell: malty


I'll have another one and another one...

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